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    Post  thalia on Thu Jan 01, 2009 9:04 am

    We were sitting on the marble benches that night. Our hands were rubbing while souls spoke to each other. The sea breeze was kissing our cheeks as the waves danced below us. The stars seemed to eaves drop with every word we utter. I know it was cold that night but i didn't notice. I was too busy spending my time with you.

    "What day is tomorrow?" i asked you.

    "February 22," he replied with the same enthusiasm.

    "You know what i'd want?"


    I want something like... the Taj Mahal."

    "The Taj Mahal?"

    "Yeah. The Taj Mahal. It's a symbol of love you know. A king offered the Taj Moral to his wife as a symbol of his undying love for her."

    "Well, it's Taj MAHAL (filipino term). I cant afford that."

    I looked at him, his ice blue eyes reflecting the dancing waves. " How much do you love me?"

    "Define, 'how much'?"

    "I don't know."

    He looked up at the stars and saw them shimmering like a thousand diamonds scattered on a deep blue sky. He looked down the cliff and saw the waves softly caressing the shore. He looked at me and said, "Do you see the stars up there?" I looked up and gazed at the stars. "How about the beach down there?" i then looked down. "Try adding the number of stars you see tonight with the grains of sand on the beach." i looked at him. "Then multiply everything to the number of times my heart beats for you. That much."

    "Really?" i whispered.

    "Yeah. But that's all i can give you. My love is all i can give you. I don't have fancy cars or a mansion. i don't have gold or diamonds to offer you. How i wish i could give the world to you. But my love is all i have to give."

    "Oh... What if i don't want any of that? What if i only want you?"

    "Isn't that a bit hard? i mean, doesn't everybody want a secure future? I don't think i can give you that."

    "Look at me. I don't want someone who can give me the world. i want someone who i can share the world with."

    i wrapped my arms around him and sunk my head into his chest. he whispered softly on my ear, " I love you."

    "i know," i replied.

    the dark blue sky was touched by the vermilion sun. the eaves dropping stars slowly faded away while our hands clasped at each other.

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