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    Admin Rules and Regulations

    Post  Nessan™ on Fri Oct 24, 2008 4:16 pm

    1. Create Sensible Topics/Posts
    We do not tolerate spamming, racism, improper dialects like l337 speak or SMS talk, cussing, trolling, flaming. Anyone caught posting any form of spamming including posting/creating topics of the same content or idea (flooding) and the rest mentioned will be penalized accordingly and the thread/post will be closed or deleted without prior notice.

    2. A designated section is provided for topics that are not related to Topics about other Davao Forum are also prohibited in any of the sections.

    3. No Moderator / Administrator Impersonations
    Any form of MOD or Admin Impersonations will never be tolerated. All those who will get caught will be banned permanently in this site.

    4. Advertisement of Illegal and Pornographic websites/links is not allowed.
    Let us be reminded that there are minors that are viewing the forums. Any form of illegal links and Websites or Links with pornographic content will never be tolerated.

    5. Flaming, Harassment and Discrimination is not allowed.
    Let us act like a community, avoid offending other people on the boards. Avoid posting derrogatory comments and cussing. Members found to be violatiing this rule are subject to muting and a ban.

    6. Regulate Your Signatures
    Limit the resolution of your signatures to 290x60, filesize should not exceed 200 kb and maximum of 3 lines for normal-sized text with image. Please limit image signatures to one or a combination of small images that total to the maximum file size and dimension. Do not use heavy animated GIFs.

    7. No cloning of username and and avatar
    you will be automatically baned if you do this.

    8. Strictly No Spamming!

    - FireFox - Kugmo

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    Admin Re: Rules and Regulations

    Post  Sub-zer0 on Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:33 am

    kapoy man basa oi lol OO nalang boss ngisi

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