Eraserheads reunion concert is cancelled or not yet erased?

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    Admin Eraserheads reunion concert is cancelled or not yet erased?

    Post  MiNARi on Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:52 pm

    Don't sponsor E-heads concert

    Philip Morris Philippines may get away with the online registration site, but the Department of Health (DOH) said the tobacco company can be charged criminally if it pushes through sponsoring the reunion concert.

    "I have a warning to the tobacco company. If we are able to prove that this concert is actually sponsored by you, Philip Morris, definitely we will train our guns on you for violating the law," DOH Undersecretary Alex Padilla announced at a press conference at the World Health Organization headquarters in Manila.

    Padilla said the government will go after Philip Morris officials for allegedly violating the law. "If they're foreigners, they shall be deported after serving sentence."

    He clarified they will only go after officials of the tobacco company, not the organizers of the concert.

    “That is why we only appeal to the organizers of the event to hopefully disassociate themselves from the [tobacco] company. Carry on with the event without the need of a tobacco company’s sponsorship,” Padilla said.

    He said the organizers should lure people, especially the youth, to “some more productive endeavor rather than smoking."

    Padilla agreed with Limpin’s interpretation of RA 9211 when it comes to promotions.

    He said the law prohibits tobacco advertisements in all forms of mass media, including the Internet.

    Limpin said that since the law does not give exceptions, all kinds of promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products are banned.

    The law, which took effect in 2003, states in section 24 that tobacco company sponsorships are banned starting July 1, 2008.

    Padilla said even if the Eraserheads signed a contract before the date, the deal will still be covered by the law because tobacco companies were “advised of the effectivity of the provision.”

    No comment

    Philip Morris public affairs and communications manager Dave Gomez told in a telephone interview that the company is "not yet ready to comment" on Padilla's threat to file criminal charges for violation of RA 9211.

    Gomez also declined to comment on Padilla and Limpin's statements that product promotion on the online registration site is in violation of RA 9211.

    However, in a previous interview, the tobacco company said that promotions through the Internet is not specifically banned by RA9211.

    Proof of sponsorship

    During the early weeks when news about the reunion concert circulated, there was no clear information on who was organizing and sponsoring the event.

    The mystery about the sponsor ended after Louis Camilleri, chairman and chief executive officer of Philip Morris International, sent a reply letter dated July 31, 2008 to Matthew Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

    Camilleri said in the letter: “The promotional event you refer to is an invitation-only event, not open to the general public. It is restricted to our trade partners and to adult smokers who can obtain an invitation by registering on our adult-only access website, where they must provide proof of age through a government issued ID.”

    Padilla said that with the letter, it would be easy for the government to prove that Philip Morris is sponsoring the “promotional” event, which allegedly violated RA 9211, even if the target are adults.

    "It doesn't matter whether it is for adults-only event. The point is there is an advertising ban. Advertising can refer to any age group or any sector. The intention [of the law] is to stop their promotion because it affects the youth," he said.

    He added there have been studies that tobacco advertisements are targeting the youth as "replacements" for smokers who have quit the bad habit or died of smoking.

    Shun Philip Morris

    During the press conference, Limpin called on former Eraserheads members -- Ely Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro -- to cut the tobacco company's ties with the concert.

    Limpin, who admitted that she and some of FCAP members are Eraserheads fans, said the group doesn't intend to become "spoilers" of the much-awaited reunion concert.

    “I’m not telling the band not to push through with the concert,” she said, explaining that her group is only against the tobacco sponsorship.

    Padilla also urged the band members to “disassociate themselves from a product that is deadly or a killer.”

    Limpin told reporters at the press conference that according to rumors, the band members have been or will be paid P2 million to P10 million by Philip Morris for the concert.

    Follow Alicia Keys

    She said the Eraserheads should do what pop artist Alicia Keys did only last month.

    In a statement issued by Myers last month, he announced that Keys had turned down a Philip Morris-sponsored concert in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    “US singing star Alicia Keys has set a positive example that should be followed by musicians and entertainers worldwide by demanding the withdrawal of tobacco industry sponsorship of her July 31 concert,” Myers said in the statement.

    Keys’ decision came after Myers’s group urged her to shun the tobacco sponsorship.

    In the statement, Myers also mentioned the Eraserheads concert and asked Philippine authorities to look into the promotional event’s possible violation of RA 9211.

    Limpin said instead of letting themselves be used by Philip Morris, the Eraserheads should do smoke-free gigs or concerts.

    She said the band, which has been called the “Beatles of the Philippines,” can do bigger concerts without a tobacco company’s sponsorship.

    She added that if the Eraserheads concert pushes through with Philip Morris as a major sponsor, the band will be unconsciously luring non-smokers and the youth into tobacco smoking.

    "Considered the most influential band in the country, Eraserheads has become a role model of sorts of our young. I hope they will rise up to the challenge, do more than play music and help young Filipinos reach their potential, which they cannot achieve when they're ill or worse, dead," Limpin said.

    Related News:

    The 'Red List' is dangerous to your health

    Dr. Maricar Limpin of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines and DOH Undersecretary Alex Padilla, urging Eraserheads to shun Philip Morris sponsorship of their reunion concert


    Don't get trapped in Philip Morris' "Red List". It's dangerous to your health, according to tobacco control advocates.

    The "Red List" is cigarette manufacturing firm Philip Morris' new way of promoting their products through the Internet. Those who register on the "Red List" get invited to special events that give away cigarettes and drinks to guests.

    "The lives of people, especially the youth who will sign up on the Red List will definitely be in the red, meaning stepping into the danger zone," Dr. Maricar Limpin, executive director of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines (FCAP), told

    Limpin said getting your name on the "Red List" will make you "an easy target" of tobacco advertisements and promotional materials of Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing, Inc., manufacturer of Marlboro filter cigarettes.

    The registration site is being used for the reunion concert of the Eraserheads this August. Fans who wants to get hold of free simply register on the "Red List".

    Limpin said FCAP has been monitoring the registration site, and the group has learned that even non-smokers, most of them young, have already applied for free tickets to the concert.

    She said that by putting the online registration site, the tobacco company is violating Republic Act 9211 (RA9211), which regulates "packaging, use, sale distribution, and advertisements of tobacco products."

    "It is a promotion of the tobacco product (Marlboro) because you cannot get into the Red List without going through the website. Definitely, it is a promotion of their product," she added.

    The registration site has the usual tobacco company health warning, "Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous To Your Health." To register, you need to give the company some personal information, including name, address, home phone, cellular phone numbers, and e-mail address.


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